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There are many patients in Durham who do not have a regular family doctor. Over the last decade, these patients have relied on our urgent care medical team not only for episodic care but also for ongoing chronic medical disease management. Our medical team and facility, as well as our Durham virtual clinic, are equipped for all types of health exams.

Publicly and Privately Funded Billing

Most virtual and in person medical visits are paid for by OHIP or other provincial health plans. If you do not have a provincial health plan your visit can be covered by your private health insurance or you can pay online.

OHIP covers a variety of health care services, especially those that are medically necessary. This can include:

  • appointments with your family physician
  • visits to walk-in clinics and some other health care providers
  • visits to an emergency room
  • medical tests and surgeries

All services or treatments should be backed by medical reasons in order to be eligible for OHIP coverage. Learn more about the extensive services and products covered by OHIP here.

Our virtual care clinic is open to all types of billing models aside from OHIP. We welcome new Canadians with the Interim Federal Health (IFH), Blue Cross health coverage as well as inter-province visitors.

International Visitors and Patients without Health Insurance:

Our online dr. appointments are available even for overseas visitors with or without private coverage. The visit fee for privately paying patients is determined by Ontario Medical Association guidelines. This will be clarified by our administrative staff before starting with any medical procedures.

For patients without any government or private health coverage, case by case accommodations can be made if unable to afford payment for needed health services.

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